If you’re looking to play online poker for real money in the Philippines, Texas Holdem should be your first choice. The growth and development of online gaming in the early 2000s are inextricably linked to online poker. As the popularity of online casinos grew, poker also started to make its mark as the primary game of choice for many. Of the many variants available, Texas Holdem Poker became the face of online gambling.

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The popularity of Texas Holdem poker online is attributed to many factors. One reason is its accessibility. Starting in the early 2000s, dozens of new casinos have been introduced in the market which accepts players from the Philippines. Texas Holdem poker Philippines sites are popular and fully licensed, and they are more than ready to accommodate your gaming requirements. Tournaments became common too and experienced players managed to score success online. This also led to the development of YouTube and Twitch channels that showcase the online poker games and adventures of popular players.

In this guide, our focus is on Texas Holdem Poker, arguably the most popular form of poker today.  Just like other card games, in Hold’em the challenge for players is to come up with the best hand at the end of each round. However, it differs in how the cards are dealt with, the betting rounds, and the betting limit.

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Rules to Follow in Texas Holdem

There are some Texas Holdem poker cheats, but for a good game, you have to follow the rules. If you’re a beginner, you need to pay attention to the ground rules of Texas Holdem. When you play Texas Holdem Poker, you collect two private cards at the start of the game. These are your ‘hole cards’ and should not be shared with other players on the table. You will also find five community cards that are dealt face-up to create a ‘board’. All players who sign up for the poker online game can use the shared community cards together with the hole cards to develop the best five-card poker hand.

In Texas Holdem Poker, you can use a combination of the seven cards to create your best hand. And during the process of development, you can use one or two of your cards. Once you’re ready, all hands are compared according to their rankings.

Under Texas Holdem rules, you will find four variants of the game, each defined by its betting limit:

  • Limit Texas Hold’em. The dealer will set the betting limit for each round.
  • No-Limit Texas Hold’em. As the name suggests, you can bet any amount that you’re comfortable with.
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold’em. In this variant, you can decide your wager in every round provided that it will not exceed the pot size.
  • Mixed Texas Hold’em. The poker online game switches between limit and no-limit in every round.

These variants are available on leading casinos that accept real money bets from Philippines players. If you’re concerned about your bankroll or you want to maximize your online poker experience.

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Your Betting Options in Poker Online

When you participate in Texas Holdem Poker, there are three actions that you need to remember: fold, check, call, or raise. Your decision on the online poker table depends on the action taken by the previous player. If you want to be successful in Texas Holdem Poker, you need to pay attention not just to your cards but to the actions of the other players, too.

If no player has submitted a bet, you can either check (to decline a bet and retain the cards) or bet. If the player submits a wager, you can either fold, call, or raise. If you call, it means you are matching the bet of the other player. But if you decide to raise, it means that you want to top the wager made by the other player.


After receiving your hole cards in Texas Holdem Poker, you can play the hand by calling or raising the big blind. It starts on the left which acts as the live bet of the online poker round. As a player, you can decide to fold, call, or raise. The process of betting proceeds clockwise around the table.

The flop

There are now three cards presented face-up on the board. In the rules of Texas Holdem, this is called the ‘flop’. These three cards are community cards which means that other players still in the hand can use these. The player to bet first is the one sitting closest to the button, clockwise.

The turn

Upon completion of all bets during the flop round, the ‘turn’ us presented face-up on the online poker table. In Texas Holdem Poker, the turn is the fourth community card. During this part of the game, another round of betting is completed. Betting starts with the active player closest to the button.

The river

Once the betting on the turn has been completed, the ‘river’ is presented face up. In Texas Holdem Poker, this is the ‘fifth street’, and the last community card in the game. Just like in the previous two rounds, betting will begin, starting immediately clockwise from the button. Again, the same betting rules are followed by poker online players.

The showdown

If at least two players remained on the table after the last betting round, a showdown will happen. In Texas Holdem Poker, the last player to bet or raise will show his cards. If there was no bet made during the final betting round, the player that’s immediately clockwise to the button will show the cards first.

The player with the best hand during the Texas Holdem Poker showdown wins the game and collects the pot. If both players show the same hand ranking, then the pot will be divided between the two players. After the awarding of the pot, a new game of Texas Holdem Poker can be played.

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Ranking of Hands in Texas Holdem Poker

In Texas Holdem Poker, the ultimate objective is to develop the best five-card hand. Here’s a look at the top hands you can form in a Texas Holdem Poker online game.

  • Royal Flush. This hand includes an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, and 10 in one suit.
  • Straight Flush. Five cards in sequence, like 8-4, in the same suit.
  • Four-of-a-Kind. Four cards with similar ranks, like J-J-J-J.
  • Full House. You have a three-of-a-kind and a pair.
  • Flush. Five cards in the same suit and not necessarily in order.

The other types of hands you can form in Texas Holdem Poker are Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, and a Pair. Before you play poker online, you should be familiar with the different hands you can form and their importance in the game.


❓ What are ‘hole cards’ in Texas Holdem Poker?

At the start of the game, each player is dealt with two cards. These are your hole cards which you will not share with the other players at the table.

🤔 What is the difference between No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker and Limit Texas Holdem Poker?

You can find different variants of the game when you check out the poker Texas Holdem section of many online casino Philippines sites. Two popular variants are the Limit and No Limit, and they primarily differ in terms of the betting arrangement. In Limit, the casino will set a maximum bet, while the No Limit allows the players to determine the wager.

💪 How can I win in online poker?

Your objective at the end of the game is to form the best five-card hand based on the accepted poker hand rankings.