If you’re a regular casino player, then there’s a big chance that you have encountered the tagline ‘responsible gambling’ in many online gambling sites in the Philippines. In online gambling, this concept is thrown around regularly, in the branding and marketing of casinos or in the education of players. So, what is responsible for gambling and why should you care?

Responsible gambling is a broad concept that includes several requirements and policies that apply to all iGaming stakeholders to ensure a safe and high-quality gambling experience. For casino operators, they are expected to promote responsible gaming as part of compliance and regulatory requirements. Failure to follow the set requirements will mean cancellation of the license or worse, a permanent ban in the industry.

And for the players like you, following these set policies is not just about legal compliance. It’s all about keeping safe while enjoying the casino games as a fun pastime. So, if you’re planning to sign up for an account and play real money, it’s best that you know how responsible gambling can help you.

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Compliance Requirements for Operators and Software Vendors

Casino operators, from the established brands to up-and-coming platforms, are mandated to comply with safe gambling initiatives. As part of the industry requirements, all operators must comply with the following:

  • Protection of vulnerable players
  • Prevention of underage gambling
  • Safety measures against questionable activities
  • Privacy of information
  • Protection of payments
  • Security of the gambling platform
  • Ethical and responsible iGaming marketing

Because of these requirements, operators that accept bets from Philippines players adopt the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy. Under the KYC policy, casinos require that all players who sign up for an account should be at least 21 years old. Furthermore, it’s required that players who request a withdrawal for the first time will submit scanned copies of their ID or other documents that can establish the authenticity of the account. These procedures are in place to prevent underage gambling and protect the vulnerable.

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What’s on It for Casino Players Like You?

The drive for responsible gambling is not just a job of the operators and software vendors. Casino players are also part of the program to promote responsible gambling. In fact, all these policies and programs are designed to benefit the players.

As a player, it’s also best that you take a pro-active stance in supporting the program. And there are a few responsible gambling tips that you can remember and follow that can keep you safe and protected online. Check out the following tips and recommendations below before you play in real money mode.

  1. Gambling activities, like playing online slots, are designed to be entertaining. And it should be considered as a fun pastime, never a source of income to sustain your bills or daily expenses.
  2. Don’t bet more than you can’t afford to lose. In short, you need to identify first a bankroll that you can use as your budget in playing casino games. And when the money has been used up, learn to exit the game and log out of your account.
  3. Use session and deposit limits. To gamble responsibly, you may want to use some of the helpful tools that are offered by licensed casinos and sportsbooks. For example, you can use the deposit and session limits. The deposit limit allows you to set a limit for the deposit, and session limits allow you to manage your time online.
  4. Don’t combine alcoholic drinks and casino games. We know it’s fun to drink and play. But when it comes to responsible gambling, this is a big no-no. Alcoholic drinks can cloud your judgment which can push you to make irresponsible decisions, like betting more than you can afford.
  5. Always sign up and play with a fully licensed and registered online casino. With a fully licensed casino, you can always expect a secure and safe platform. Also, you can enjoy access to many responsible gambling tools that can help you play the game responsibly. If you’re looking for a dependable casino, always check its license and certification. Also, look for a logo or section that displays the gamble responsibly disclaimer.


🤔 What is responsible gambling and why should I care?

 Responsible gaming is a broad concept that includes several policies, procedures, and programs that are all designed to protect players and promote safe gambling.

❓ Are there tools that I can use to become responsible in playing the games?

Yes. There are several tools and resources that you can use that can help you play responsibly. For example, you can use the deposit and session limits. Or if you think that you want complete protection, you can use the self-exclusion tool that’s available in most licensed casinos.

📈 Are there other strategies that I can use to stay safe online?

Casino games, if not properly managed, can affect your lifestyle. So please gamble responsibly by following some of the tips included in this guide. You can set a budget and play only the games you’re familiar with. It also helps if you know how to balance your time. Remember, casino games are just fun pastime and should not be used as a source of income.