Roulette is one of the most popular offerings in most casinos and thanks to its popularity, it’s available in different variants. Of the options available for players, one of the most played is American Roulette. When you sign up for an account in any of the secure Philippine casinos, you’ll easily notice this game together with the other classic table games and other roulette variants.

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Each roulette variant has its set of features and characteristics that make it unique. This is true as well with American Roulette - you will notice a few differences with the French or the European versions. Before you play, you must review first these differences among the variants. Use this game guide to learn about its table layout, bets to play, and overall house edge.

American Roulette - Rules of the Game

Although you can explore different online roulette games, keep in mind that they still share the general bets and rules of play. In a standard roulette game, you will find a table and wheel. The main objective of roulette online is to predict where the ball will fall after completing its spin.

The wheel comes with numbered segments from 1 to 36 in alternation colors. As an online casino player, your task is to predict the outcome of the spin of the wheel. You can do this by betting on a number, a group of numbers, a color, odd/even, or if it’s in the high or low range.

To determine the winning wager, a dealer spins the online roulette ball in one direction and spins the ball in the other direction. The ball eventually loses momentum and will settle in a slot of the wheel. The croupier then announces the winning number or bet and the payout is calculated according to the published paytable.

All online roulette variants follow this set of rules in playing the game. However, the similarities end here since the different variants to play like American Roulette boast a few characteristics. Described below are some of the unique features of the American variant.

American Roulette

Main Characteristics of American Roulette

Before you play, make sure you are aware of the variant you play and its main characteristics. The main differences of this game come in the form of layout, house edge, and specific rules followed.


The most important difference between the American roulette and other variants is the layout. In the European version, you can count on 37 pockets on the wheel while the American version features 38 pockets. The reason for this is the presence of an extra ‘00’. Also, the American variant features 18 black and 18 red pockets. In the American Roulette table, you will also notice the differences in the sequence of the numbers. The order of the numbers is arranged counterclockwise. However, the bet types are noticeable for the participating players.

American Roulette House Edge

The online roulette variants also differ in terms of the house edge.  It refers to the calculated advantage of the casino over the long term. If you are keen on improving your experience in playing roulette online, then you should also know the differences in the house edge. The lower the house edge, the better it is for players. For European Roulette, the house edge is estimated at 2.70%. It’s because the presence of the ‘0’ in the betting table slightly tilts the favor to the casino online operator.

If you put your wager on red, and the table shows 18 red and 18 black, don’t think that you have a 50 percent chance of collecting a payout.  Because of the presence of ‘0’ in green. This gives the casino the edge. In American Roulette, the house edge is almost double at 5.26%. The reason for this is the provision for the extra ‘00’. So when you’re faced with what variant you want to play, always consider the house edge. Between the European and American Roulette variant, you can get friendly results with European.

American Roulette

American Roulette Rules

Although the general rules for all variants remain the same, some actions are only permitted in the American version. On the American Roulette, you can play the ‘five number bet’. This bet is wagered on 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00. This is a risky bet to play online since the house edge is estimated at 7.9%. Although it comes with a payout of 6:1, beginners are not advised to play this bet when enjoying the American variant.

Aside from the standard online game you can play, you can also enjoy its live dealer variant. In its live casino version, you can count on the same table layout, types of bets to play, and gameplay. There’s a wheel that shows 38 pockets from 0 to 36 and there’s a pocket for ‘00’. At the start of the game, the croupier will announce the start of the submission of bets. However, you can no longer place your bets once the croupier announced ‘no more bets’. The live American roulette follows the standard rules and procedures and the only difference is that you’re playing it directly against a croupier and there are a physical wheel and table in place.

So Is This the Best Roulette Game to Play?

The European and American Roulette games are two of the most popular variants you can enjoy today. So is American Roulette worth your time and bankroll? Well, it depends on your preference and what you value in a game. If you’re after the challenge and wants some variation in your gameplay, then playing this game is all worth it.


❓ What makes American Roulette different from other game variants?

When you sign up in an online casino, you can find several variants of roulette. Two of the most popular variants you can enjoy online are European and American Roulette. The main difference between American and European Roulette is in the layout. In the European version, there’s an extra pocket to accommodate ‘00’. Since it allows an extra pocket in the wheel layout, the house edge is higher in this variant. Aside from the presence of an extra slot, the American version displays the numbers in a different order, in a counter-clockwise arrangement.

🥇 Between the American and European versions of roulette, which game offers the best payout?

As mentioned, American Roulette features an extra slot for ‘00’. This pushes the house edge to 5.26%. This means that the average payout for a wager of $100 is 94.74%.

🤔 Can I play a live version of American Roulette?

Yes. Some of the leading online casinos that accept bets from players from the Philippines also offer a live version. One popular supplier of this game is Evolution Gaming which offers a premium version of the game. In a live version, you can count on the same set of rules, types of bets, and procedures. The main difference lies in the gaming experience- a live dealer game allows you to directly play a live American Roulette Philippines game with a professional croupier in real-time using your preferred device.