Primarily, you can play three types of Roulette online, these are American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette. Casino roulette is an exciting game of chance that rewards its players for placing bets and taking calculated risks.

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In the last 15 years only, there has been a proliferation of online casinos, each offering different types of roulette, which can make it confusing for players to tell the difference. Read on for more on the different types of roulette.

Types of Roulette

Below are the three primary types of roulette you can find in many online casinos. However, you should keep in mind that these are only the popular ones, there are many other versions of the game.

types of roulette online

European Roulette

When playing this roulette variant, you can place bets on 36 numbers, from 1 to 36 and 0. The game has only one zero, which is why players have slightly higher chances of winning when playing this Roulette as compared to American Roulette.

The gaming platform includes a playing field and a wheel where players are supposed to place their bets. When you place your bet, and the ball drops onto your chosen chance or number, you become the associated profits winner. The profits start with the amount of money you staked (X1) and above, depending on the multiplier.

American Roulette

Unlike European Roulette, this American variant uses a double zero pocket together with the single zero. It increases the numbers on the wheel to 38, which is why the chances of winning on American Roulette become slightly lower than on European Roulette. Therefore, the house amasses significant profits from lost bets.

However, when playing Roulette online, you may realize that most of the games feature only one zero. Furthermore, players have different colored chips, with each player having a particular color. You have to let the croupier know in advance their value before playing.

French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the oldest types of roulette in the history of casino games. Unlike the European version, this game has two unique rules- La Partage and En Prison. The La Partage rule allows players to get back half of their stake when they place bets on even-money bets if the ball lands on zero.

On the other hand, En prison allows players to place even-money bets on black/red get half of their stake or leave it for another spin. If these rules are available, the house edge drops to 1.35% from 2.7%. The types of Roulette wheels also vary.

types of roulette game

House Edge

Also known as the casino advantage, the house edge is how an operator makes profits from bets. It can be a great indicator of the most profitable Roulette game to play. If the game has a higher house edge, then the game will pay less over time. It is virtually impossible to escape the casino advantage. These are the different house edges.

  • American Roulette – 5.26%
  • European Roulette – 2.7%
  • French Roulette – 2.7%

Best Roulette Strategy

Although there is no particular way of singling out one roulette betting strategy, there are two most commonly used roulette betting strategies. These are:

• Martingale: Use the strategy to cover your backside. Start with even money by placing on red, black, odd, or even. The initial bet should be small. If you win, progress with the same amount until you lose. If you do, double the chance to cover your loss.

• James Bond: You start with a single bet amount but split into three different bets. You bet the highest amount on 19-36 or high numbers; another be on 13-18 six-line and the least amount on zero. You will cover more numbers, and you slightly increase your chances of winning.

types of roulette

Where to Play and Why – The Best Online Casinos

There are many roulette online casino operators in the Philippines where you can play various types of roulette. Make sure you read enough reviews about the operator, look out for customer feedback, and try to determine whether the site has any awards or is recognized by organizations. Here are some recommended Filipino operators.

888 Casino

The online operator enjoys longevity in the industry since 1997; thus, it is proven by time. They offer different types of roulette. Each roulette table has different betting limits, with a higher percentage of them with bets starting from 0.01 credits. You can stake a maximum of €3,000. There is also a super limit of €200,000 on Super Stakes Roulette.


BitStarz features a remarkable collection of casino games, accessible via a supported web browser. They also feature a Bitcoin casino and live dealers. The operator doesn’t have any withdrawal limits. However, they don’t allow customers to play their free roulette, including the live dealer games.


You can experience all of the exciting elements of roulette on Intertops. They offer many roulette betting options with very realistic tables. The gaming experience on Intertops is very immersive that it can feel like you are physically placing your bets. This is all thanks to

RealTime Gaming, supplies the operator with incredible games, including live roulette.

Conclusion – Why Play Online Roulette

Playing different types of roulette online is fun, relaxing, exciting, and a fantastic way of getting the thrill of a land-based casino right from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to land more incredible bonuses and rewards, and you have more control over the pace of the game.

FAQs About Types of Roulette

💰 Can I Play Roulette online for real money?

Yes. Many online casinos allow their customers to play Roulette and win real money. However, make sure you know the lay of the game before placing real money bets.

❓ What is the best bet in Roulette?

Use the Martingale betting strategy. It is a progressive strategy that allows you to make progressive wins. If you lose a spin, you double your bet to recover your lost bet.

🤔 Are roulette wheels rigged in online casinos?

Online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) to generate the winning numbers. These are complex algorithms that can’t be rigged.